The dedicated professionals within the walls of our company are made up of people who know how to rebuild from the ground up. We come from all walks of life only to find ourselves as a team in the same place and with the same interest in helping others get to a better place in their lives. One way is to help smokers switch away from cigarettes by providing quality vaping products and liquids that we’ve carefully developed from crafting the recipes to manufacturing and delivering them right to your doorstep.

We launched our first E-liquid line, DNA, in 2013. We are proud of where it all began but we are even more excited about where this company is going. We have since added new product lines. Proper’s four flavors were introduced in 2014. We applied everything we learned about the industry and from you, the consumer, since our inception to present day and the outcome proved to be a success with this well received high VG line.

Our mission is simple: To create unique flavor blends that haven’t already been introduced to the market with hopes of converting more cigarette smokers to vapors.
We stand by our mission and our commitment to provide the best E-liquid on the market and to fight for our vaping rights. We hope you will check out all of our flavors. We believe there is something for everyone.


Phone:(877) 420-8432
Address:10853 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA